Vega y Farrés Electromecánica S.L.




VEGA Y FARRES ELECTROMECÁNICA is a company specialized in development and production of electromechanical components

The company was founded in 1993 by people with extended and proved experience of more than 25 years in development of products, such as contactors, overload relays, motor protection circuit breakers, etc.

During its 22 years history, the company has became a pioneer in products like connecting modules, wiring kit and device adapter plates for reversing and star-delta starters.

Our revolutionary compact busbars for motor protection circuit breakers and contactors represent another successful product family. 

Our new products have provoked an important change in the field of electrical wiring connections. 

Due to our spirit of innovation, we are constantly improving our products and developing new ones to satisfy our clients wishes and requirements. Over the years, we became a partner for some major companies in the sector.


Some of our clients are Rockwell Automation, GE Industrial Components, Eaton Electrical, WEG Electric, Fuji Electric, ...