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UMP45A and UMP54A

These plates are designed to assembly electric components. 

Wide of electrical components assembled should be 45mm for UMP45A and 54mm for UMP54A.


Advantatges are: 

  • Easy movement. Rails of the plate move just pressing levers. 
  • Plate can be fixed by 2 DIN Rail spacing 100 or 125mm, just with one DIN Rail or with M5 screws. 
  • Plates can be united by clips. 
Pack Assembling Plate UMP45A (two slidable rail)

Standard Set


Low extension PRO45A

Adapter for TOP connections

Adapter for LOWER connections

PRO45A Extension UMP45A

TOP extension UMP45A

LOW extension UMP45A

Extension Assembly in UMP45A


TOP extension in UMP45A

LOW extension in UMP45A


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